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AUTO (1)

My son or daughter just got their drivers permit, do I need to add them to my auto policy?

Yes. We need to add your son or daughter to your policy. There are some companies that charge extra to add the permitted driver and some companies do not have a charge. When your son or daughter gets their regular drivers license, then all companies charge extra to add them to the policy. But if your son or daughter will have a permit for a year or more before getting their regular license, then you may want to have us check your insurance with one of the companies that has no extra charge for a driver with a permit.



(1) What is the wind mitigation inspection discount and how could it benefit me?

This is an inspection that can be done on your home that may save you a substantial amount of money on your home insurance. Many of our current clients had the wind mitigation inspection done on their home and saved a lot of money. Some clients have saved more than $1000 on their home insurance.

There is a 2 page state approved inspection form that is filled out by a licensed wind inspector. The inspector looks at your roof to see what type of nails hold the roof down, the type of hurricane straps, type of roof, ect. The inspector fills out the 2 page wind inspection form and you turn it in to us to see what type of discounts you may qualify for on your home insurance. You may qualify for all the discounts or none, it just depends on what the inspector finds when inspecting your home.


(2) Who should consider having the wind mitigation inspection done?

Any home built prior to 2002. For the inspection, we recommend WindInspections LLC out of Palmetto, they charge $125 to do the inspection, the person to contact is Brady and his office phone number is 941-722-2221.

Authority, Inc. dba Great Florida Insurance makes no guarantees that you will receive a discount by having the wind mitigation inspection discount. We can tell you that we have seen most people get a substantial discount from having the 2 page form completed.


(3) Authority, Inc. has a much lower rate on my home insurance but but my other home insurance has already been paid, what should I do?

It depends on the amount of savings. If you are saving a substantial amount, we would recommend starting the new policy with us right away to start saving money. Your new policy can usually be started on a payment plan if needed, and we have a form that you sign to cancel your prior insurance. If you cancel your prior policy mid-term the company will pro-rate the insurance and send you back a refund for the time not used.


(4) My mortgage company pays for my home insurance, who will contact the mortgage company about my new home insurance?

We can take care of calling your current mortgage company for you. We can let them know of the change in insurance companies and arrange for the mortgage company to send payment for the new insurance. Some mortgage companies will require a call from you to authorize the payment to be sent for the new insurance policy.


(5) I am purchasing a new home, can I pay at closing or do I need to pay for the policy before closing?

This will depend on your lender. Typically, we arrange for the payment at closing with the title company and thus do not need a payment upfront. If you prefer you can also pay before closing.


(6) Is my screen enclosure or lanai covered under my home policy in Florida?

Not all companies include coverage for your screen enclosure or lanai for hurricane damage. Some companies have it as a rider where you purchase a certain amount of coverage. For example, with one company it is not automatically included, but you can purchase from $10,000 to $50,000 in coverage as a rider. There is an additional premium for adding this coverage. If the rider for screen enclosure or lanai is purchased, the coverage is usually actual cash value and not replacement cost for the screen enclosure or lanai and doesn’t cover the screens. We recommend checking with your agent to see if you are covered automatically in the policy or if an additional rider needs to be purchased to have coverage for a screen enclosure or lanai.



(1) Should I purchase flood insurance?

Yes. We recommend purchasing a flood insurance policy. All of Florida is in at least a flood zone “X” or other type of flood zone. If your home is located in flood zone “X” you are able to get a preferred rate which provides both structure and contents coverage for a low yearly premium.